Which Small Business in Ireland deserves a prize worth €1,300?


At the core of #getitdoneIRL is a commitment to help small businesses in Ireland.

Microsoft created Office 365 to help small businesses, and Microsoft Ireland created their Work Smart programme to to help small Irish businesses to work smarter with their technology saving time, money and effort into the process.

We think a new Surface Pro 2 tablet with keyboard,  with a year’s subscription to Office 365 would help a small business. It’s worth €1,300. We’re also offering support in getting everything set up.

Which small business deserves it?

We’re asking you to nominate the small business in Ireland that you think deserves the tablet either in the comments below or just tweeting about them using the hashtag #getitdoneIRL.

You’re more than welcome to nominate your own business.

We’d like to hear why they – or you – deserve it. It may be great customer service. It may be their passion. It may be the quality of their products. It may be just that you like them.

Every small business mentioned will be in with a chance of winning the tablet. Every time someone nominates a company, we’ll fill out a small card like below and put it in box. At the end of the day, we’ll pick out one of the cards and that company will win the prize.

Nominate in #getitidoneIRL

However, if several different people nominate the same company, they each get a card – so, the more unique nominations a company has, the more cards it gets in the box.

For example, if John nominates company A, using the #getitdoneIRL hashtag, company A gets one card in the box.

If Chris, Susan, Anto and Kelly nominate company B, company B gets four cards in the box.

A person can only nominate a company once – multiple tweets from the same account nominating the same company won’t be counted – but the more cards in the box, the better their chances of winning.

We’ll also be checking the nominations are from valid accounts that haven’t signed up just to nominate!

So, if you know a business who deserves a Surface Pro 2, let us know!

There’s also another way:

We’ll be giving away a Surface Pro 2 Tablet on the Microsoft Ireland Work Smart LinkedIn Group too.

You must be a member of the group to be in with a chance. We’ll be asking for your recommendations on who should win the Tablet.

Companies are most welcome to try both methods of winning a Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet for business

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20 thoughts on “Which Small Business in Ireland deserves a prize worth €1,300?

  1. […] Thirdly, we’re giving away prizes. To find out what you need to do to win our main prizes of Surface Pro 2 Tablets with keyboard and Office 365 subscription, please click here. […]

  2. Here’s a nomination for my baby, Picture This. Our mission is to reconnect the people of Dublin with their city, it’s art, music and in turn it’s creatives!

    We’re a small team of 5 trying to expand and as they say… Every little helps! #EnjoyYourCity

  3. Nicola Brooks says:

    I vote for Slugs & Snails

  4. Michael Morley says:

    Jlb jewelry should win this! Great Irish hand made jewelry

  5. JLB Jewellery says:

    Janice Byrne shows real passion for her craft. Her pieces are truly unique and beautiful.

  6. […] Nominate a business – even your own – to win a Surface Pro 2 Tablet plus Keyboard with Microsoft Office 365 worth €1,300 – just tweet the company name with #getitdoneIRL or comment on this post. Full details. […]

  7. Louise Hanway says:

    Hi i think janice from jlb jewellery should win this fantastic prize. Ive known janice a long time she is a fantastic crafts women so talented and has recently opened her own little studio and im so proud of her she has had so many knock backs but still she gets up dusts herself off i think she deserves this and it would help her out so much she is a top girl thanks lou xx

  8. I know Busy Bees Clonmel, an after-school activity haven for young boys and girls, would do well to add some tech gear to the assortment of things they use while leading their group through on-screen creative activities.

  9. Yibo says:

    Microsoft Partner B&T Computers deserves the price. It started its cloud journey from the beta version of BPOS, being through several phases of transitions (From BPOS to Microsoft Online Services, then MOS to office365/Windows Azure/Cloud) It evolves with the technology.

  10. Graham Mullally says:

    Jlb jewellery should win this. Great small Irish business.

  11. I’m going to nominate BeLonG To Youth Services, a social enterprise & non-profit dedicated to changing attitudes about and improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people in Ireland.

    You can find out more about them by watching this short video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfE8JQAGyLs

  12. aorsurfboards.com
    custom made surf boards, kite boards and stand up paddle boards.
    This is my husbands business and I nominate him for the blood sweat and love he puts in to each creation.

  13. I also nominate Lisa Dora hand made jewelery. I dare you to have a look!

  14. Heather says:

    I nominate Cafe Lucia Waterford, my dad’s cafe for all the hard work he puts in

  15. I’d like to nominate http://www.fundit.ie, which was Ireland’s first crowdfunding platform for creative ideas. We’re a team of 4, running the non-profit platform alongside Business to Arts. In our first 30 months, 550 projects have been fully funded by almost 40,000 people pledging over €2.1million. We’re allowing Irish creative people to access finance from their fans all over the world. As a tiny team if would be amazing to be able to work on the go respond to our creators’ queries any hour of the day or night!! Rowena Neville

  16. Irene says:

    I nominate small business Bellstoves Kinsealy, this is my husbands business. He offers expertly made, energy saving, high quality Clearview stoves and expert advice, he really is helping people to save money on their long term energy bills . Given the rise in utility bills and utility arrears I think this is so important, and people should have the choice to diversify in how they heat their homes. http://www.bellstoves.com

  17. mennisjog says:

    We could really do with a tablet from #getitdoneirl for our project @waybuddy where we are introducing smart phone and tablet technologies for people with support needs.

  18. mennisjog says:

    I’d like to nominate the @waybuddy project #getitdoneirl we are trying to introduce new technology for people with support needs

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