How can Microsoft Ireland help you?

Do you use Microsoft Office in your business, company or organisation?

Would you like help to do more with it? Would you like us to show you how?

Microsoft Ireland are making a member of our team available for a half day’s help and advice on using Microsoft Office – and would also like to hear your thoughts on how else they can help you!

Just tell us what you would like help or advice with; for example, would you like tips on how to use Excel better? Would you like to see Outlook’s Calendar make more sense? Have you always wondered how to get animations into your presentations or a table of contents in your documents? Could we help you create posters in Word?

We’d love to hear what you’d like from half a day with us. We’d be happy to help.

Arts Organisations, Not for Profits, Small Businesses – you’re all more than welcome to apply!

You’ll also get a free One Year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 worth €150.00 ensuring you can access your work wherever you are.

Just comment on this LinkedIn conversation or below and we’ll be back to you.

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One thought on “How can Microsoft Ireland help you?

  1. I’d like to know how to set up client sheets with details of there treatments and all other bits like a data base but for me, my business. I can use basic x cell but not able to pull information from it properly if you know what I mean. I’m also mildly dyslexic which makes it annoying when people just send me reams of information to read on how to do something so I would love a lesson with ye so I can use the X cell and other programs correctly. I have an excellent website made from WordPress by a friend who I bartered treatments for the site and I would like to know more about adding stuff to it myself and don’t want to be pestering my friend. So again there is 2 things I would love lessons in, unfortunately I don’t think1/2 a day would do me I think I’d need a week or more even spread out to get me head around stuff.
    Oh my business is mobile complementary therapy I’m 1 year in business I started with €3,000 and now down to just over €1,000 and I said when 3,000 gone I’m gone but after putting so much work in I need it to survive. I can see it starting to grow very very slowly and I need to keep better records as the paper is starting to pile up. I do everything myself or barter. Would be great to learn more efficient ways of using my PC and phone as well.

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