Here’s what #getitdoneIRL is about


What would help your small business?

Would advice help? Would support help? Would some new technology or software help? Would telling over 50,000 people about your business help?

Would prizes worth over €5,000 help you to get what you need to do for your small business done?

Microsoft Ireland want to help you get it done, whatever your small business and wherever you do it.

With Office 365 we’re using #getitdoneIRL to share advice, shout outs and to give prizes away.

Prizes? Over 200 of them:

We are offering Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablets, with keyboard and a one year subscription of Office 365 Small Business Premium – each package costs €1,300.

We’re also offering one year subscriptions of Office 365 Small Business Premium to the value of €150.00 each.

We’re giving away one hundred (yes, 100) €10 BitBuzz vouchers – good for seven days roaming, these will allow you access the internet wherever there’s a BitBuzz service – they have 370 locations in Ireland.

We also have small prizes – everything from fleeces to laptop covers to water bottles. With over 200 prizes in total, you’re in with a good chance of winning something!

How you can get involved:

On Thursday 21 November, we’ll be tweeting, instagramming,  posting on the LinkedIn Group and Microsoft Ireland Facebook page all about small businesses in Ireland.

Your best way of keeping in touch is following the #getitdoneIRL hashtag and checking into this blog.

Firstly, we’d like to hear about great Small Businesses – please tell us about them using the #getitdoneIRL hashtag or post about them in our LinkedIn group.

We’ll be picking a selection to highlight and include in Microsoft Ireland newsletters and social media to an audience of over 50,000 people.

Secondly, we’ll be inviting your tips, your advice, your learnings and your issues with running a small business in Ireland and seeing if and how we could help.

We’re hosting a discussion group on LinkedIn with Microsoft Ireland who can answer any questions you have about their Work Smart Programme for Small Businesses and how Office 365 could be of help to your business.

Thirdly, we’re giving away prizes. To find out what you need to do to win our main prizes of Surface Pro 2 Tablets with keyboard and Office 365 subscription, please click here.

What is Office 365 Small Business Premium? 17-04-34

Get the latest version of Office plus business-class email, a public website, web conferencing, and document sharing—all easy to manage, without IT expertise.

Office 365 Small Business Premium gives you all the benefits of the Microsoft Office programmes you may already be using – Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc – plus a lot more, including mobile access on computers, laptops, tablets and phones. It’s providing the best collaboration, communications and social technology for faster problem solving for small businesses in Ireland.

Here’s a short video to tell you more. You can also check the Office 365 website.

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