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Which Small Business in Ireland deserves a prize worth €1,300?


At the core of #getitdoneIRL is a commitment to help small businesses in Ireland.

Microsoft created Office 365 to help small businesses, and Microsoft Ireland created their Work Smart programme to to help small Irish businesses to work smarter with their technology saving time, money and effort into the process.

We think a new Surface Pro 2 tablet with keyboard,  with a year’s subscription to Office 365 would help a small business. It’s worth €1,300. We’re also offering support in getting everything set up.

Which small business deserves it?

We’re asking you to nominate the small business in Ireland that you think deserves the tablet either in the comments below or just tweeting about them using the hashtag #getitdoneIRL.

You’re more than welcome to nominate your own business.

We’d like to hear why they – or you – deserve it. It may be great customer service. It may be their passion. It may be the quality of their products. It may be just that you like them.

Every small business mentioned will be in with a chance of winning the tablet. Every time someone nominates a company, we’ll fill out a small card like below and put it in box. At the end of the day, we’ll pick out one of the cards and that company will win the prize.

Nominate in #getitidoneIRL

However, if several different people nominate the same company, they each get a card – so, the more unique nominations a company has, the more cards it gets in the box.

For example, if John nominates company A, using the #getitdoneIRL hashtag, company A gets one card in the box.

If Chris, Susan, Anto and Kelly nominate company B, company B gets four cards in the box.

A person can only nominate a company once – multiple tweets from the same account nominating the same company won’t be counted – but the more cards in the box, the better their chances of winning.

We’ll also be checking the nominations are from valid accounts that haven’t signed up just to nominate!

So, if you know a business who deserves a Surface Pro 2, let us know!

There’s also another way:

We’ll be giving away a Surface Pro 2 Tablet on the Microsoft Ireland Work Smart LinkedIn Group too.

You must be a member of the group to be in with a chance. We’ll be asking for your recommendations on who should win the Tablet.

Companies are most welcome to try both methods of winning a Surface Pro 2.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet for business

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