#getitdoneIRL – the super fast version

People might appreciate a very quick version of what this is about:

  1. Nominate a business – even your own – to win a Surface Pro 2 Tablet plus Keyboard with Microsoft Office 365 worth €1,300 – just tweet the company name with #getitdoneIRL or comment on this post. Full details.
  2. We have lots of prizes to give away all day. Just follow the #getitdoneIRL hashtag
  3. Tell us about great Irish businesses and we’ll highlight them to over 50,000 people.
    Full details
  4. Join us on LinkedIn to share your advice, hints and tips and win prizes.

Simple as that!


One thought on “#getitdoneIRL – the super fast version

  1. Suzanne says:

    I’m Suzanne, from Twiddle. We’re a early stage company redesigning how smartphone users interact with their search results. Search is the only industry that hasn’t changed in over 15 years, so Twiddle is making it easier for users to interact with their search results, allowing them to zoom in and out of their results, rather than having to scroll through all those endless list of blue links.

    We love technology here at Twiddle, and we’re always on the go.

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